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  • Light Speed Race - Super Sonic Free
    Гонки, Детские

    Light Speed Race - Super Sonic Free

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 03-May-2013
    Xiangning Xu
    0 комментариев

    В будущем скейтборды стать наведении досках. Возьмите свои навыки на следующий уровень в этой быстро развивающейся, веселая игра Задержания. Легко узнать еще трудно освоить, вы будете любить его! Будете ли вы сделать его на космическом корабле во времени? Удар друзьями наивысший балл сегодня!

  • FREE Gold
    Азартные, Аркады

    FREE Gold

    Версия: 2.0
    Опубликовано: 16-Sep-2011
    Gold Lion Apps, LLC
    0 комментариев

    This App does not have live price feeds. For live prices download the Free Gold & Silver Watch app from Gold Lion Apps. You can use this slot app to build a fortune in virtual gold and silver holdings.

  • Big Harvest of Gemstones for iPad
    Головоломки, Настольные

    Big Harvest of Gemstones for iPad

    Версия: 1.2
    Опубликовано: 30-Sep-2011
    AOBO Co.,Ltd
    0 комментариев

    This game is a another clone of "Samegame" with more interesting feathers added. Tap the areas of same- colored gems, bigger areas mean higher scores! Main Feathers 1, Four gems with two kind of background. You also can select big or small size gem to play. 2, Animation On/Off 3, Sound On/Off 4, Game Center supported(You can record your score on game center if you touch 'Report score' button w...

  • Club Penguin Cheats

    Club Penguin Cheats

    Версия: 9.0
    Опубликовано: 26-May-2011
    DV Kidz Entertainment
    1 комментариев

    The ultimate Club Penguin Cheats, Club Penguin Guides & Club Penguin Tips App! Including* our super advanced Automatic Mascot Trackers! The only App to have famous penguin trackers like this! • Listen to Club Penguin Radio in HD! • Over 100 individual cheats, tips & guides! • 100% Automatic Super-Fast Mascot Trackers* • Club Penguin Unlock Codes! • The Latest Club Penguin News you Download ...

  • MapFlightLE Sky journey on the map
    Приключения, Симуляторы

    MapFlightLE Sky journey on the map

    Версия: 3.2
    Опубликовано: 02-Nov-2011
    Neptune Blue Works
    0 комментариев

    2012.05 New Zealand => What's Hot 2012.04 Belgium => What's Hot 2012.03 UAE,Ireland,Denmark => What's Hot 2012.01 iTunes Rank in 70 countries. Sky journey on the map. Get a bird's eye view of internationally famous spots and / or find world heritage. Wi-Fi environment MapFlightLE operation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLr09ctV5Z8

  • iCollina


    Версия: 2.6.1
    Опубликовано: 04-Nov-2011
    Valenti Freixanet
    0 комментариев

    iCollina! iCollina le permite mostrar tarjeta roja y amarilla a tus amigos como si fueras un arbitro. Además, puede mostrar las tarjetas via Twitter, Facebook y Correo electrónico de forma muy fácil. Pruébalo y diviértase! Disponible en 24 idiomas.

  • Animal Words(PRO): Educational Sight&First words
    Детские, Обучающие, Слова

    Animal Words(PRO): Educational Sight&First words

    Версия: 3.0
    Опубликовано: 10-Dec-2011
    Joy Preschool Game
    0 комментариев

    >> 274 Words: 82 animals, 50 food, 60 words about life, 23 words about festivals, 31 words about astronomy and geography, 28 words about others. (Only 82 animal words in FREE VERSION) >> 28 Scenes--8Animal+4Food+7Life+3Festival +2Map+4Others! >> 2 game modes: A-Z mode and Scenes mode! >> Native English, Spanish, German and French spelling and pronunciation! Looking for something entertain b...

  • 클럽포커 온라인 -바둑이,7포커,하이로우
    Азартные, Карты

    클럽포커 온라인 -바둑이,7포커,하이로우

    Версия: 9.23
    Опубликовано: 08-Dec-2010
    Fungrep Co.,Ltd
    0 комментариев

    "쪼는 맛이 있는 ""클럽포커 온라인"" - 바둑이,7포커,하이로우 바둑이 게임을 추가했고, 리뉴얼된 디자인으로 한층 향상되었어요. 게임내 $상점$이 추가되어 원활한 게임플레이를 할 수 있어요. J탑도 좋아요~~ 역전의 묘미 "바둑이" : 정통 바둑이 게임을 새롭게 추가했어요. : 자동커팅으로 빠르게 경기를 진행할수 있어요 10탑도 좋아요~~ 눈치코치 "하이로우" : 눈치 고수들의 선택. 하이로우를 즐겨보...

  • iForca - Hangman in Portuguese
    Обучающие, Слова

    iForca - Hangman in Portuguese

    Версия: 3.5
    Опубликовано: 13-Mar-2011
    0 комментариев

    Traditional Hangman game in Brazilian Portuguese! Now you can learn portuguese playing with this great game! Learn new words, increase your vocabulary and have fun.

  • ZipLine Lite
    Спортивные, Экшен

    ZipLine Lite

    Версия: 1.9
    Опубликовано: 01-Sep-2011
    AppCone, LLC
    0 комментариев

    ZipLine for iPad is the perfect game for any adventure travel minded iPad owner, zip line enthusiast, or pretty much anyone who likes to have fun. ZipLine is extremely easy to learn, and with 72 challenge levels, ZipLine can keep you entertained long after many iPad games begin to fizzle-out or get boring. You create the zip line for each ride by dragging it across to the end pole. You can se...

  • Gloober HD
    Аркады, Экшен

    Gloober HD

    Версия: 2.0
    Опубликовано: 30-Aug-2011
    Rise Up Labs
    0 комментариев

    What do you do when your son has been abducted by some evil aliens? You go after them of course! Meet ‘Gloober’ the green winged alien dad, on a mission to retrieve his abducted son. Chow down on food items, collect boosts and shields, dodge incoming bombs, eggs and even parachuting soldiers as you tilt your way towards rescuing your flesh and goo! Features: -Stunning Retina graphics. -Multi...

  • MathCube
    Настольные, Детские


    Версия: 1.13
    Опубликовано: 21-Jul-2011
    Pankaj Ladhe
    0 комментариев

    MathCube is 21'st century Rubix cube! The goal of the game is to form as many equations as possible in the minimum number of taps. The initial game is displayed with 41 numbers dispersed in the grid. Player can relate 3 numbers with any operator (+,-,*,/) of their choice ( horizontally or vertically ). This is excellent game which will enable kids & adults to learn, solve, and relate numbers w...

  • Sudoku: Logic Game

    Sudoku: Logic Game

    Версия: 4.0.12
    Опубликовано: 25-Feb-2011
    Joseph Keitgen
    0 комментариев

    Just Sudoku is exactly what the name suggests: simply a sudoku game, where the game itself is the center of focus. Just Sudoku's interface is straight forward and simple in the right spots. This way you won't be overwhelmed by visual effects, but instead can concentrate on the numbers. Are you a sudoku veteran? Can you solve even the toughest puzzles by simply glancing at them? Try our jigsaw ...

  • Jewish Stuff Block Game HD Lite
    Обучающие, Головоломки

    Jewish Stuff Block Game HD Lite

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 29-Mar-2011
    0 комментариев

    Amazing Judaica Blocks game to match 3 pictures in a row, or in a diagonal. If you let the blocks pile on the top, then you loose. Great entertainment and education. Universal game good for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. Look at the screenshots! Enjoy today!

  • Israel Map Puzzle
    Настольные, Обучающие

    Israel Map Puzzle

    Версия: 1.6.6
    Опубликовано: 12-Jan-2011
    Daniel Rossler
    0 комментариев

    Move pieces using the empty spot to form the image of the map of Israel. Pieces are moved by dragging one piece at a time to the empty spot. Shaking the device solves the puzzle at once.

  • Mash Passover
    Детские, Семейные

    Mash Passover

    Версия: 1.1
    Опубликовано: 07-Apr-2011
    teatime media
    0 комментариев

    How is this app different from all other apps? M.A.S.H. Passover takes the classic mash game (mansion, apartment, shack, house) and gives it a Pesadika spin. Find out who will find the Afikomen, what the prize will be, and more hilarious stories. Kids and adults will love to play this game together. Questions include last song sung, matzoh ball consistency, who will find the Afikomen, and mor...

  • Hebrew Hangman Word Match Game HD Lite
    Викторины, Семейные

    Hebrew Hangman Word Match Game HD Lite

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 15-Mar-2011
    0 комментариев

    The all new Hebrew Hangman game. You can play with words in the following groups: * Numbers. * Animals. * Fruit. * Human Body. After 6 wrong attempts you loose the game. Universal game good for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • Jewish Temple Jigsaw Puzzle Game HD Lite
    Головоломки, Стратегии

    Jewish Temple Jigsaw Puzzle Game HD Lite

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 10-Feb-2011
    0 комментариев

    Build this beautiful jigsaw puzzle of the jewish temple, also known as the Beit Hamikdash. Look at the screenshots! Universal game good for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. For a paid version without advertisements please search for the full version on the AppStore. Enjoy!

  • SimpleChess (Online)
    Настольные, Стратегии

    SimpleChess (Online)

    Версия: 2.0.09
    Опубликовано: 17-Oct-2010
    Europe Echecs
    0 комментариев

    Play chess online against real opponents! Practical, quick and easy to use, have fun with SimpleChess! Standard functions: - access in guest mode is totally free - no limit on the number of games - hundreds of players 24/24 - quick response time - transmission time regained on the clock - two ways of making moves : start square/finishing square or 'drag and drop' - premove - material differenc...

  • Super Sports Trivia Pro
    Викторины, Спортивные

    Super Sports Trivia Pro

    Версия: 3.1.15
    Опубликовано: 30-Jul-2011
    Shawn Tan
    0 комментариев

    Super Sports Trivia is a collection of 100+ facts and information about sports (Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Tennis) which you can share on twitter and facebook. "Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back." -Babe Ruth Did you know that Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502 to ensure citizens wouldn't waste time when preparing for an English invasion?