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  • iTejo
    Семейные, Спортивные, Детские


    Версия: 1.6.1
    Опубликовано: 02-Oct-2010
    Rivendel Studio
    0 комментариев

    + iTejo: o sea tejo pero para el iPhone. Muerde el polvo, hipster Aleyda (con ye) ‏@leidymarmalade + iTejo una experiencia realmente Colombiana Diego Gutiérrez ‏@diegondres + Jugando iTejo con mi hermana! No puedo creer que me este ganando! Crísthian Medina @krizz_m + Descubro iTejo en el AppStore y ¡Se acabó la productividad! Topsy Kretts @AleVanila + Descargue iTejo y me encanta la aclara...

  • Biblicious Bible Trivia
    Семейные, Викторины, Слова

    Biblicious Bible Trivia

    Версия: 2.6.1
    Опубликовано: 10-Mar-2010
    Pariahware, Inc.
    0 комментариев

    Think you know your Bible facts? Think again. Flip Ant will challenge you with some of the best questions around! Don't be enamored with his voice, the clock is running! Play against friends from around the world with Game Center support! Choose from TWO game modes: - Single player mode provides a timed game that allows you to enter your name and score to the Manna Leaderboard. If you are ha...

  • Xèng Hoa Quả
    Азартные, Головоломки

    Xèng Hoa Quả

    Версия: 1.4
    Опубликовано: 11-Jun-2012
    Nguyen Duc Phu
    0 комментариев

    GIỚI THIỆU Xèng Hoa Quả hay còn gọi là Điện tử xèng, Máy xèng... là trò may rủi ảo rất phổ biến giữa người chơi và máy tính. Xèng Hoa Quả thu hút bởi tính đơn giản nhưng lại rất gay cấn thú vị khi người chơi “đối đầu" với máy. Không cần phải đến các trung tâm giải trí và bỏ ra rất nhiều tiền để mua xèng, giờ đây, với game Xèng Hoa Quả của Twin Dragons Games, bạn có thể chơi ở bất cứ đâu mà khôn...

  • 90's Movie Trivia
    Викторины, Семейные

    90's Movie Trivia

    Версия: 3.5
    Опубликовано: 10-Feb-2011
    Ingenious Technology
    0 комментариев

    90's Movies Trivia features an amazing collection of fun facts, movie quotes and challenging movie questions ranging from the indie films to the blockbusters that took world dominance and became the highest grossing films of the time. What is the first movie to gross over $1 billion dollars? Why is Johnny Depp’s character in Las Vegas for Fear and Loathing? Who Played Bela Legosi in Ed Wood? W...

  • Evil Bee
    Семейные, Аркады, Настольные

    Evil Bee

    Версия: 3.0
    Опубликовано: 11-Apr-2012
    0 комментариев

    Evil Bee is an amazing shooting game.Your goal is to destroy all the bees. The evil bees are so smart that they make different queue in each level,and attack your fighter through elegant curve path. With the advance of level, the bees will be more and more crazy and the weapon of your fighter will be become more violent. 35 levels available. How to play move your fighter left or right by sli...

  • Chutes & Ladders Online HD
    Кости, Детские, Настольные

    Chutes & Ladders Online HD

    Версия: 3.60
    Опубликовано: 01-Dec-2011
    Roksana Ferdous
    0 комментариев

    "Chutes and Ladders" board game for the iPad, also known as "Snakes and Ladders". Grids are from 1 to 49. * 3D dice roll animation * 6 different "Chutes and Ladders" board * Roll dice by shaking iPad or tapping a button * Play Online by inviting a friend or via Game Center Auto-Match * Play via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with nearby iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch * Play with A.I (CPU) * Multiplayer...

  • 開心百家樂
    Карты, Азартные


    Версия: 1.10
    Опубликовано: 20-Mar-2011
    Red Koda Software Limited
    0 комментариев

    有想过玩百家乐能自己开牌吗?有想过投注前能看穿底牌吗? 开心百家乐是经典赌场遊戏。你可自行开牌,也可运用魔术眼镜透视底牌。遊戏设有路纸,你可看出不同牌路,单跳、双跳、长莊、长閒。 遊戏支持中英文。连线到Game Center,你可和全球的对手较量。 当结余是零时,你可即时提取$ 1,000,继续游戏。

  • AnQi Chess
    Настольные, Стратегии

    AnQi Chess

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 09-Feb-2012
    Ken Ju
    0 комментариев

    Anqi is a popular asian board game. Initially all 32 pieces are randomly placed face down. The first player flips one of the piece and owns the color uncovered. The goal is to capture all of a player's pieces or force a player can not move. The positions of the pieces can not be controlled and the moves are simple, yet a little bit strategy planning and thinking for the game is helpful. The g...

  • Jump! Jump! Cookie
    Аркады, Экшен

    Jump! Jump! Cookie

    Версия: 1.1.1
    Опубликовано: 23-Jul-2012
    Pokey Toad Studios
    0 комментариев

    Bounce J. J. Cookie between frosting platforms while collecting power-ups, avoiding enemy veggies, out-jumping the milk monsters, and keeping ahead of the milk flood! Download the full version of Jump! Jump! Cookie to get all this super cool stuff: * A plethora of special platforms, including peanut butter cups, peanut brittle, gummy, and crackle * A bunch of special power-ups, including J&J...

  • French Belote +
    Карты, Семейные

    French Belote +

    Версия: 3.6.3
    Опубликовано: 30-Nov-2011
    Eryod Soft
    0 комментариев

    *** PLAY TO FRENCH BELOTE ON YOUR IPHONE, IPOD AND IPAD ! *** Play to the popular French Belote card game, against opponents simulated by an high-level artificial intelligence or with your friends. All official rules and many variants are handled : - Play with or without declarations. - Play with No Trumps and All Trumps. *** SEVERAL GAME MODES INCLUDING MULTIPLAYER *** - Play alone a...

  • Counting Ants Math Adventure
    Обучающие, Детские

    Counting Ants Math Adventure

    Версия: 1.1
    Опубликовано: 16-Aug-2012
    Playtend Apps LLP
    0 комментариев

    The Counting Ants need your help! Numbers have been scattered everywhere! The Counting Ants are trying to sort everything out, but they need your help to collect the correct numbers. Counting Ants Math Adventure is a perfect, back-to-school blend of side-scrolling fun and math-focused learning. This educational game for 6-12 year olds features seven unique play modes that let kids play whil...

  • iMonkey Bouncer Lite
    Экшен, Приключения

    iMonkey Bouncer Lite

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 07-Sep-2012
    Paul Abraham Jaimovich
    0 комментариев

    iMonkey Bouncer is an awesome adventure game where you will be launched from a sling and you need to avoid several random obstacles. Collect food to generate farts for temporary speed increase. How far can you go? remember that you have to the the next sling to be launched again! BEWARE! EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE! How to start playing? simple pull and release the slingshot, then tilt your device to a...

  • Rummy Mobile
    Карты, Обучающие

    Rummy Mobile

    Версия: 3.5.1
    Опубликовано: 08-Mar-2012
    Daniel Rossler
    0 комментариев

    Rummy classic game. Drop a card on the top of another for creating runs. Play against 1, 2 or 3 players (on iPad, just 1 on iPhone). Or, play and chat online, over the internet, against another player. Drop 30 points for initial drop. Rearrange cards on the table as you wish, as long as the table stays valid. Touch instructions for full instructions.

  • Golf Pro 3D HD
    Симуляторы, Спортивные

    Golf Pro 3D HD

    Версия: 1.1
    Опубликовано: 12-Oct-2012
    Amit Barman
    0 комментариев

    Golf Pro 3D HD is a real life mini golf simulator! These 18 holes are geared for quick and lifelike gameplay. The HD version adds 9 more holes than the regular version and is geared for your newest iOS devices running in their native resolution. The controls are easy, and the graphics and animation are smooth leaving the user with a cathartic experience. Scores are also submitted to Game Center...

  • Hex Twist
    Головоломки, Стратегии

    Hex Twist

    Версия: 1.3
    Опубликовано: 01-Nov-2012
    Anthony Kitowicz
    0 комментариев

    Hex Twist is a puzzle where you need to arrange the colors by tapping hexes. When you tap a surrounded hex, the 6 surrounding hexes spin to the left by one position. As soon as the colors are arranged the same as displayed in the Solved window then you have won. Press the information icon in the Solved window to access settings, including resetting the game.

  • Happy Find Differences
    Головоломки, Настольные

    Happy Find Differences

    Версия: 1.0
    Опубликовано: 07-Nov-2012
    Fino Soft Inc.
    0 комментариев

    - Happy Spot, find the difference between two similar images in limited time. - It is a casual game with many beautiful pictures. - Just find the difference and then tap it!

  • Santa's Giftship Reloaded
    Детские, Аркады, Семейные

    Santa's Giftship Reloaded

    Версия: 1.3
    Опубликовано: 20-Dec-2011
    0 комментариев

    Help Santa and the elves save Christmas!! The first #NotMySanta protesters showed up just as St. Nick repealed the old “minimum elfiness” requirements, and things have gotten steadily worse. Now a growing group of angry elves deceived by Krampus, Santa’s evil twin, are attempting to shut down Christmas! Early reports are coming in of elf operatives aligning with dissenters nearing Santa's work...

  • WordSearch Unlimited HD
    Слова, Головоломки

    WordSearch Unlimited HD

    Версия: 2.0
    Опубликовано: 08-Jun-2010
    0 комментариев

    The top seller iPhone game WordSearch Unlimited is now on iPad. The whole user interface is re-made to take advantage of the iPad high resolution screen, the game play experience is now much better. The introductory price won't last forever, take the chance! WordSearch Unlimited is one of the best word puzzle games in the App Store. Play unlimited high quality puzzles, with themes you like. W...

  • Cribbage Premium
    Настольные, Карты

    Cribbage Premium

    Версия: 3.6.2
    Опубликовано: 22-Jan-2009
    Trivial Technology
    0 комментариев

    Catch the crib! Play the App Store’s top rated cribbage online with your friends or anyone in the world! With fluid action, this game is intuitive and easy to play for both novice and experienced players. New to Cribbage? Cribbage Premium helps you every step of the way. Use hints to develop your skills and strategy. If you're unsure how a hand was scored, use the “Explain” button for a breakd...

  • Greedy Jump – The Holiday Egg Jumping Treasure Hunt
    Приключения, Экшен

    Greedy Jump – The Holiday Egg Jumping Treasure Hunt

    Версия: 1.3.1
    Опубликовано: 02-Nov-2012
    MEDL Mobile, Inc.
    0 комментариев

    Your newest addiction is home for the holidays! Greedy Jump is a loud bouncy jumping game that’s quick to pick up, simple to play and impossible to stop. Once hooked, you’ll lie awake at night wondering how you ever lived without it. HOLIDAY SPECIAL! 
For a limited time, get Greedy Jump Holiday Special FREE! Help Greedy Holidegg reach the North Pole – riding Saucer Sled nests through flurries...

  • Idle Heroes - Idle Games
    Ролевые, Стратегии
    Топ 100

    Idle Heroes - Idle Games

    Версия: 1.13.0
    Опубликовано: 09-Nov-2016
    0 комментариев

    В App Store пользуются популярностью высококачественные ролевые игры RPG! Отправляйся из изумрудно зеленого леса Сара к великим священным небесам! Вместе с миллионами игроков отправься в фантастическое путешествие, веди свой отряд героев в глубь древних развалин, дай отпор злым тёмным силам! Особенности игры 1. Битва не требующая управления расстановкой войск Отправьте свой отряд героев, и о...