Boric Acid

Boric Acid

The boric acid also known as orthoboric acid, borate and hydrogen trioxobórico acid is an acid-containing three hydrogen atoms, one oxygen and four phosphorus expressed in chemical formula H3BO3.

There are many benefits attributed to it since ancient times, as it has antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties. It has no smell and dissolves easily in water, we can find it in two forms, such as white powder or a colorless glass.

And it is precisely its properties that are very useful in various aspects in the daily life of the human being, one of the most frequent uses of this acid, is in the control of pests, its effectiveness has been evidenced and therefore its use for this purpose has become increasingly popular.

Various uses of boric acid

There are many general uses in which boric acid is the main protagonist, thanks to its versatility it is used in many chemical processes. It is the main ingredient in the preparation of beauty products, cleaning products, in the industrial field and in the manufacture of insecticides and pesticides to fight pests.

For the farmers, boric acid represents an infallible friend, because thanks to its benefits they use it to purify water and to properly clean their facilities. We can also mention its use in the production of fertilizers and fertilizers.

It is used in the manufacture of skin creams, also as the main element for cleaning and ideal to eliminate certain pests that can end the tranquility of the human being.

Boric acid is undoubtedly a product that gives us great advantages and is of great help in various areas that involve the human being, as we have already mentioned. Let’s see some of its benefits:

Boric acid effective to fight pests

The effectiveness of this product is evident from the beginning of its use, it is important to use it moderately, although it does not pose any danger to pets and humans, it is advisable not to inhale it for any reason and use it with caution.

Boric acid can eliminate some pests; To achieve this goal just spread a little in one of the areas frequented by these insects, who by passing over impregnate their legs and certain parts of the body, banishing them from where you want them and if they ingest this acid, these insects will be eliminated.

If we talk about insects that are annoying to humans, cockroaches probably occupy the number one, and that is precisely why we will now indicate the correct way to use boric acid so you can say goodbye to this undesirable pest. in your home, office or business.

How to use boric acid against cockroaches and other insects?

Before preparing the mixture with boric acid to permanently eliminate cockroaches from your environment, you must be very careful when buying this product, because in the market you will find boric acid for medicinal purposes and in this case, its components may vary, Ask the seller to sell you a more aggressive product, for this purpose.

A mistake we usually make when we want to kill these insects is that we spread the boric acid powder in large quantities and all it does is scare these bugs away. It is not necessary to exaggerate, simply with a little, it is enough, in this way they will not alter your routine journey and this is how you can achieve your task.

Home remedy against cockroaches


  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • Boric acid 1 tablespoon
  • Milk, the amount needed


  1. Add boric acid and sugar, slowly incorporate the milk and mix these three ingredients very well.
  2. You must get a manageable mix.
  3. Make pellets with this mixture and place in strategic places where insects frequently remain; corners, cracks, drawers, and others.
  4. After 24 hours you can say goodbye to these unpleasant pests.

Once the cockroaches make contact with boric acid, their effectiveness begins to manifest within 3 or 4 days, completely decomposing these insects.

Other functions of boric acid

Among its main functions are:


Thanks to its characteristics, the effectiveness of boric acid to eliminate various pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and ants has been demonstrated.


In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, boric acid is used as a base in the elaboration of many of its products, guaranteeing its effectiveness in some treatments against infections.


Undoubtedly boric acid is the main ingredient of many products made to eliminate bacteria and fungi, in nails, skin, ears, and eyes.


It serves as a driving agent in the production of jewelry, porcelain, glass, and soaps, among others.

Uncover pipes

Boric acid is a powerful descaler to remove lime and mineral residues that can clog pipes.

Other uses at medicinal level

Boric acid frequently used in countless home remedies to combat certain pathologies, especially gastric and skin problems. To eliminate bad odors from the feet and whiten teeth, among others.

Some precautions when using boric acid

Boric acid is a product that does not represent any risk, but since it is a chemical compound; We must understand that it can cause serious health problems if we use it in very large concentrations.

When ingested in minimal amounts does not cause toxicity in our body, but in larger amounts, it can cause gastrointestinal complications.

When inhaled we can manifest shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, burning in the throat and mouth.

When in direct contact with the skin, it is advisable to take the required preventive standards when handling in large quantities.

As we can see boric acid gives us great benefits in various areas of our lives and is essential to combat and quickly eliminate certain pests that can affect our daily lives. It is important to use it properly at the right time, whether in the industrial, agricultural, agricultural, cosmetic and medicinal sectors, among others.

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