The mites are tiny arachnids and there are approximately 50,000 types, a figure that is increasing over time, as 100,000 species that also belong to his family have not yet been classified.

At first glance, we cannot see them, but it is that their presence is all over the planet, in volcanoes, mountains, polar regions and even in ocean trenches. In those places with abundant vegetation and in the coastal areas, it is for these bugs the ideal area to proliferate and survive, there they do not limit their reproduction.

Natural environments are just one of the many places they usually inhabit since they have also invaded our spaces and it is usual for them to concentrate in our homes, they are located by predilection in our pillows, mattresses, stuffed animals, furniture, clothes and without any reservation, they also stay in our bodies, something totally disgusting.

Highlights of mites

We are talking about multicellular and eukaryotic organisms, which are composed of various cells specialized in reproduction, nutrition, and excretion, among other functions.

There are three germinative stages that are presented to us during their embryonic development and it is because of these stages that the individual is conformed by creating different organs and tissues.

The external or ectoderm, the intermediate or mesoderm, and the internal or endoderm

They have bilateral symmetry since they have two completely similar halves if we refer to the longitudinal plane.

Their reproduction is carried out by sexual mechanisms, with direct development and internal fertilization, these arachnids are dioecious. They can be viviparous, oviparous and ovoviviparous.

Mites a pest you must control

Mites are a plague that we must control, but before thinking about fighting them we must really know what conditions are ideal and where they are most comfortable. They love moist places and their growth is much more effective when they are at temperatures of 25 ° C to 30 ° C.

To reside at ease, they are installed in our homes in different places: carpets, mattresses, tapestries, pillows, armchairs, comforters, curtains, blankets, bookcases, stuffed animals, animal hair, children’s hair, among many other places.

We are essential for mites! Since our detritus is their food. They are undesirable bugs and that some people simply do not tolerate, especially children are affected by their presence, triggering allergies and symptoms that can vary and deteriorate the general picture of their health:

Nasal congestion, hives, sneezing, itchy eyes, ears and throat, inflammation of the eyelids, respiratory problems and cough. Pathologies that definitely alter the life of those who suffer from them, reason enough to control the mite plague and free ourselves from them.

How to control mites?

Many of our family, friends and even ourselves usually express our discomfort to experience the dreaded allergy to lie down or sit on the couch for a while, this begins to make their own and our day sadly ends up ruining it.

Mites in most cases are the cause of such an ugly situation, which are present in the dust triggering allergy in most people. Fortunately, this effect can be minimized, it is necessary to take care and take into account some guidelines and tips to control these microorganisms that cause us so much damage.

It’s time to learn to prevent mites

We have already seen some of the consequences that these bugs cause, it is time to learn to prevent mites and start enjoying healthier and more hygienic spaces.

With these simple recommendations we will eliminate the mites from our home and environment:

Clean sheets

We must wash our clothes, at a temperature higher than 60 °, this will allow us to eliminate the microbes. It is important to change the sheets more often, thus avoiding the dust that ultimately triggers allergies.


Taking advantage of the benefits of sunlight is ideal for exterminating dust mites, just expose under direct sunlight, sheets, and objects where dust accumulates. It is also beneficial to let natural light penetrate inside the house, opening windows and doors that allow access.

Carpet hygiene

Ventilate, shake and vacuum the carpets constantly, will cause the mites to leave the place.

Purify the environment

The presence of microorganisms in the home can be reduced by decreasing humidity, it is advisable not to exceed 50%. The air conditioning and dehumidifier are devices that serve us for this task.

How to anticipate the proliferation of mites?

To opt for a better environment, to have a completely livable and healthy home, it is necessary to know how to anticipate the proliferation of mites and not let these microorganisms invade our spaces and limit us in some aspects.

Follow these recommendations:

  • Shake the mattresses and let the sunlight fall on them a few hours a day.
  • Do not use chemicals to remove mites.
  • Avoid carpets, stuffed animals, bookshelves and other products that house dust.
  • Let your bedroom air.
  • Removes moisture from bedding and mattress.
  • Do not use items that generate or swirl dust.
  • Try to keep for 2 or 3 months below 40% RH, the relative humidity during the winter so that the mites die.

How do we completely eradicate mites?

It is essential to have very good ventilation to completely eradicate mites, we can say that this is the key point, otherwise, our expectations can hardly be met.

In addition, it is essential to monitor the frequent cleaning of the whole house, avoid high temperatures, be attentive to humidity and seek the advice of professionals and experts to help us find the right solution, so that this pest does not continue doing its own in our territory

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