Tiger Mosquito

Tiger Mosquito

When we talk about mosquitoes, you probably start to feel discomfort and it is that these little friends abound everywhere. There are plenty of them and the Tiger Mosquito is just one of the many types that exist on the planet.

They are fragile, but they are quite the opposite, they are very strong and they are constantly chasing other animals, becoming a torment for them and not to mention us, who even allergic results from their bites, are everywhere and are capable of ruin our day.

Highlights of the Tiger Mosquito

This type of mosquito is native to Southeast Asia, although you will most likely find it in any corner of the world. Aedes albopictus is the scientific name it has, there are black and white and barely measure 5 millimeters long.

To develop their eggs, females need to feed on blood and in the case of males they feed on nectar. They place their eggs near the water, in containers, at the edge of the puddles or in damp places, but not in the water.

They can develop in various environments, during the day they increase their activity, unlike other species, they are much more aggressive and fast. They are par excellence, large transmitters of various diseases such as dengue and yellow fever.

To exterminate this insectivorous population, it is necessary to eliminate the water deposits in this way is how their chances of reproduction are reduced significantly and prevent them from continuing to invade our planet.

Tiger mosquito a plague that you must control

The Mosquito Tiger plague currently proliferates amazingly, causing a real disaster in the population.

And it is not just about their presence this kind of mosquitoes violently and mercilessly attack people, who alter their daily lives with the presence of these insects, who cause diseases that can lead to death if they are not treated in time, It is imperative to stop its reproduction and propagation.

How to recognize the Tiger Mosquito bite?

One of the insects that most causes fear in people is the tiger mosquito, and it is capable of transmitting a series of diseases such as chikungunya, yellow fever, and dengue.

The preferred place to bite, are the legs and we are not talking about a bite, they usually bite several times in the same area, causing much more pain and burning than normal mosquito bites, this discomfort can last several days and do not believe that clothes are going to protect you, going through clothes is a job that you do in each bite without any limitation.

Do you know how to prevent your sting?

These mosquitoes are diurnal, they love to bite in the day. As basic preventions it is important:

  • Keep the water clean and if you are going to store it, be sure to cover it.
  • In windows and beds use mosquito nets.
  • You wear appropriate clothing, where there is no exposed skin.
  • Use repellents and insecticides.

How to control the Tiger Mosquito?

The bites that this mosquito performs, are very annoying and can hinder your summer vacation, a nice day in the garden or a break in the pool in the company of your friends; they are specialists in ending the fun.

There are many ways to control the tiger mosquito, we suggest you follow these recommendations if you want to move them away from your side:

  • You must keep dry and clean all water tanks that are exposed as laundry, ponds, ornamental containers, among others.
  • Be sure to keep the water that rests in the pools properly sanitized.
  • So that there are no flooded areas, you must reduce the amount of irrigation, avoid in this case excess water.
  • Check the gutters where the rainwater is deposited and remove from the flat roofs and the structure in general, the water that can be dammed there.
  • Check that the faucets and the air conditioning work properly, that there are no water leaks that can serve as breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.
  • Tree trunks, imperfections in the ground and cracks in the ground, should be covered and conditioned in such a way that water does not accumulate there.
  • Your great allies in this process are swallows, nightingales, frogs, and bats, among other insectivorous animals; They are the ones who naturally help you control this pest.

It’s time to learn to prevent the Mosquito Tiger

The stinging, itching and redness of the skin that causes the tiger mosquito bite, is something that increases with the passage of days since immediately after the bite it is not bothersome or painful.

This is the main characteristic that indicates that it has been the tiger mosquito that has bitten us, its saliva is the great driver of so much discomfort that it is rising as the days go by.

We have already mentioned some guidelines that we must follow to avoid their bites and we can also add the use of perfumes with a strong aroma, avoid wearing bright colors, use the air conditioning or fans, and finally the use of insecticides.

How to anticipate the proliferation of the Tiger Mosquito?

Ending mosquito breeding sites is our main objective, and it is the first factor that influences their proliferation, where there is accumulated water, humidity, dirt and rainwater deposits, there we will undoubtedly find these mosquitoes, so this is what First we must do, there should be no inadequate water storage.

We can also rely on the resources that nature offers us and help us in this task, we have some options that help us avoid the proliferation and bites of the tiger mosquito, such as:

The use of essential oils, aromatic candles, chamomile, rosemary, basil, mint, bay leaf, garlic, lemon, and clove, etc. are natural tools that we can use in various ways and thus keep this insectivorous population at bay.

How do we completely eradicate the Tiger Mosquito?

Completely eradicating the pests of tiger mosquitoes is a slogan that deserves our full attention, as it is a problem that affects our health and requires a timely solution that prevents its development, in these cases the effectiveness of fumigation is pleasantly verifiable.

The transmission of so many diseases, the increase in their bites and the provocation of allergies are only some of the consequences caused by these pests and there is no other option but to completely end their increase and provide a healthier and healthier environment. Cozy to live the population.

We recommend that you seek expert and qualified personnel advice and that they be in charge of carrying out in the required area fumigation with products destined for this mission.

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